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    Calcium Citrate

    Calcium Citrate in Tradeasia

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    White Crystalline Powder

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    25 Kg Bag

    Brief Overview
    Calcium citrate is a calcium salt of citric acid. The physical appearance of calcium citrate is a white powder easily soluble in water. Calcium citrate consists of 24.1% calcium citrate anhydrous and 21.1% calcium citrate tetrahydrate by mass. Generally, this compound is found in canned cheeses, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, etc. It is used as a food additive, a preservative, and a flavor. Furthermore, calcium citrate can also be taken as a supplement because of its high content of calcium.

    Manufacturing Process

    The production process starts with the fermentation process in which a carbohydrate source is used, such as corn-based starch. The fermentation was then purified using a precipitation process that involved lime in producing a calcium citrate solid. Then, the mixture was treated with sulfuric acid to produce partial purified soluble citric acid. The final step was to separate the mixture to obtain calcium citrate.


    Food Industry 

    Calcium citrate is used in the food and beverage industry as an acidity regulator, emulsifier, and preservative. It is used for fortified food, drinks, and supplements to fulfill the required nutritional value. Calcium citrate is also used for infant foods such as infant formulae, follow-on formulae, and weaning foods.

    Healthcare Industry 

    Calcium citrate is mainly used as a calcium-based supplement to maintain bone health. It has high absorption efficiency and is safe to be consumed on an empty stomach. It is also used as a diuretic and phlegm agent.


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