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    Monosodium Phosphate (MSP)

    Monosodium Phosphate (MSP) in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate

    Cas Number


    HS Code




    Basic Info


    White Crystalline Powder

    Common Names

    Sodium Phosphate Monobasic


    25 kg/carton drum

    Brief Overview

    Monosodium Phosphate (MSP) is a sodium salt of phosphoric acid which is also known as sodium dihydrogen phosphate. It is odorless, water-soluble and a white powder. It is widely used as pH regulator in various industries. It is also a common industrial chemical. It exists in various forms. anhydrous salt, mono- and di-hydrates. It is produced by partial neutralization of phosphoric acid.  

    Manufacturing Process

    Monosodium phosphates are obtained either from electrothermic phosphoric acid or from wet-process phosphoric acid by neutralization with Na and CO or NaOH. By this process, phosphates obtained are crystal hydrates. Elimination of the water in the crystal hydrate is a difficult and expensive operation. Furthermore, wet-process phosphoric acid is employed requires purification of iron, aluminum and fluorine impurities as these impurities may precipitate as orthophosphates or fluosilicates and produce the gelation of the solutions, hindering the crystallization.

    Food Industry

    In food industry, monosodium phosphate is used as pH regulator, nutrition enhancer, a buffering agent and water-keeping agent. It is also used to bring tartness to non-cola beverages.

    Dental Industry                                       

    Monosodium phosphate is often found in dental products for its enamel-restoring qualities. It is added to toothpaste in combination with other ingredients to prevent cavities and to restore lost enamel.

    Medical Industry

    Monosodium phosphate is sometimes used in stimulant laxative before certain operations and procedures.

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