Rennet Casein


:   Alpha(s1)-casein

Cas Number

:   9000-71-9

HS Code

:   3501.10.00




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   White to yellow powder

Common Names

:   Casein Protein


:   25 kg multi-wall paper bag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview 

Rennet casein is a protein obtained from the milk coagulation by using enzymes. It has micellar texture properties and is mainly used in the production of chess because of its good melting properties.

Manufacturing Process

The commercial rennet casein is made from skim milk by acid precipitation or coagulation by rennet. Through this process, fat and minerals must be removed by multistage washing in water as they could reduce the quality of the casein. Dried casein is then shipped and used mainly in cheese production.

Food Industry 

Rennet casein is mainly used in the food industry as one of the ingredients. It is used in dairy products to enhance their nutritional value and flavor. Rennet casein also acts in emulsification and solubility. Rennet casein is widely used in cheese, especially melted and processed cheese. It improves cheese’s texture, melting properties, and stretching power.