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    White Crystalline Powder

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    25 kg drum

    Brief Overview

    Xylose is a 5-carbon sugar molecule that is produced from the coconut shell and wood. Xylose is commonly called wood sugar which is obtained from the xylan-rich portion of hemicelluloses present in plant cell walls and fiber. Xylose is considered to reduce sugar, and its structure depends on the condition. Xylose was first obtained from the embryos of edible plants in 1930.

    Manufacturing Process

    Xylose is commercially isolated by Koch from wood materials. Xylose derivatives can be obtained from the reduction of xylose by the catalytic hydrogenation process that produces the anti-cariogenic sugar substitute xylitol.

    Food Industry

    In the food industry, xylose is used for high-purity products, and it is used as color and flavor enhancement, flavor enhancer, flavor masking, and sucrose inhibitor. Xylose gives the same sweet and flavor profile as glucose of 63%, can improve the flavor of normal sweet foods, and inhibit odor. Xylose sugar is a healthy sugar that inhibits the absorption of sugar in the body. Xylose has the same function as dietary fibers. Its molecule has good compatibility with the food. It can show good health care function and the same time can raise the absorption of Calcium molecules in the food.

    Chemical Industry

    Xylose is used for the production of 100% efficiency in hydrogen. It is also used as a solvent and precursor in synthetic polymer production in the chemical industry.

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