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    Potassium Carbonate

    Potassium Carbonate in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    Potassium Carbonate

    Cas Number


    HS Code




    Basic Info


    White Powder

    Common Names

    Dipotassium Carbonate


    25 kg, 500 kg, 1 ton Bag 22 MT

    An Overview Of Potassium Carbonate

    Potassium carbonate (K2CO3) is a white salt, soluble in water (insoluble in ethanol) which forms a strongly alkaline solution. It can be made as the product of potassium hydroxide,s absorbent reaction with carbon dioxide. It presents a large capacity to absorb moisture.

    Manufacturing Process

    Potassium carbonate is produced by reacting potassium hydroxide with carbon dioxide. As it crystallizes the solution forms potash hydrate, which when heated to more than 200°C creates K2CO3. It is an anhydrous salt and it does taste salty.

    Food Industry

    It is used as a leavening agent in the food industry.

    Agriculture Industry

    It is used for synthetic ammonia decarbonylation.

    Chemical Industry

    It is used to prepare food additives such as potassium sorbate, monopotassium phosphate.

    Detergent Industry

    Potassium carbonate is commonly used in the production of soap.

    Electronic Industry  

    It is used as a raw material to manufacture electro tube, TV kinescope, computer display.

    Glass Industry 

    It is applied in optical glass to improve clarity, strength and refractive index.

    Others Application

    It is used in the manufacturing of print ink, polyesters and explosives.

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